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Many ways to give back

Tailormade to your interest and strength, every program connects you with volunteer and work opportunities in Ethiopia. Short- or long-term. Remote or in-person. This is your opportunity to give back to a country you love.

The process

We Talk

The first order of business is to learn about you. We review your resume and schedule an initial phone call, where we try to understand your background and the kind of project you want to work on.

We Design

Based on your professional experience, preference, and availability, we draft a few ideas you can engage in.

You Choose

After you choose your project, we craft the details of the program — and we’ll be there to track and monitor the program, while telling your story and experience.

Step Up

Work on a project of your choice in your own schedule remotely or in Ethiopia, depending on your circumstance. We'll help you find a way to apply your expertise.

  • Virtual volunteering
  • Work at a partner organization
  • Highly flexible programs


Share your knowledge and expertise with aspiring students at a higher education institution. This is your opportunity to give back to the next generation.

  • Guest Lecturing
  • Virtual mentorship
  • More flexible programs


Be it to earn academic credit or try the work environment in Ethiopia, we can help you find an internship that can give you a meaningful experience.

  • Gain an international experience
  • Expand your horizon
  • Solve real-world problems


Driving change

Carefully designed to the expertise and interest of our talented recruits, every project delivers the promise of Jegna. They solve the challenges of organizations and individuals in Ethiopia, while inspiring the new generation of the diaspora to be even more invested in the growth and development of Ethiopia. Some moved to Addis Ababa, and others want to do engage in more short-term projects.

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