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54983 Lexington, KY 40555
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Jegna Internship is a global program open to students and fresh graduates from any academic background. Our goal is to maximize your exposure to organizations and individuals in your interest. In this international experience, you will be able to connect with mentors and learn from people with a variety of skills. Whether you’re trying to earn academic credit as part of your coursework or simply want a global work experience under your belt, we can help you find the right opportunity — remote or in-person.

We Talk

The first order of business is to learn about you. We review your resume and schedule an initial phone call, where we try to understand your background and the kind of project you want to work on.

We Design

Based on your professional experience, preference, and availability, we draft a few ideas you can engage in.

You Choose

After you choose your project, we craft the details of your project. We establish the timeline and success indicators of your projects. And we’ll be there all along to tell your story and experience.

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