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Tigist Dadi Enables the Ethiopian Diaspora to Give Back Through Jegna

Success for Tigist Dadi is bigger and nobler than a successful career. Impassioned by the Ethiopian culture and growing community, Tigist co-founded Jegna, a flagship program of People to People that harnesses the power of the Ethiopian diaspora in driving true change in Ethiopia.

“I would like to see the Ethiopian diaspora empowered to help their country,” said Tigist. “I want them to know that their country needs them and that there are many rewarding opportunities they can take advantage of. Through Jegna, we’re creating a platform for people to share their expertise and knowledge to different sectors in Ethiopia.”

When she was an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota, Tigist was involved in the Ethiopian Student Association (ESA). It was “a rewarding experience” for her because it was the first time she was part of an organization connected to the Ethiopian culture and community.

“My work at ESA motivated me to be a part of an organization that would enable me to help my country and community,” said Tigist. “After I left the University of Minnesota, my friends and I started an organization called Network Ethiopia. We helped Ethiopians grow professionally through networking and assisting with resume writing. Ever since then, I have wanted to give back, which  is why I started Jegna with my friends.”

A Career in Healthcare

Growing up as a child, Tigist always wanted to work in healthcare. She wanted to become a medical doctor but had a change of heart as she started her academic career. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Minnesota and completed her Master of Science in Regulatory Compliance at Northwestern University.

tigist dadi and her team at viant medical
Tigist and her team won the Quality category of Viant Medical’s Operational Excellence program

In her first job out of college, Tigist worked as a Quality Specialist at NxThera, a private company that produces medical devices. Here, she fell even more in love with the sector as she witnessed the impact of medical devices in improving patient care. She learned about the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of different products. She’s currently a Quality Engineer at Viant Medical, an ISO-certified medical device contract manufacturer specializing in medical components and medical devices. She improves product quality by optimizing manufacturing processes based on statistical analysis.
One day, Tigist wants to take her experience and knowledge to Ethiopia. In the meantime, she’s enabling others to give back to Ethiopia through Jegna. If you’re interested in any of the Jegna programs, please contact her for more information.

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