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Jegna Founder Nebiyu “Neba” Hailemariam: Reconnecting with my Roots

In 2006, I moved from Addis Ababa to the United States, where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and began my career in information technology (IT). Although I appreciated the unique opportunities my career provided, my heart remained in Ethiopia. In my search to reconnect with my roots, I came to learn about People to People (P2P), an organization that’s transforming the healthcare industry in Ethiopia and beyond. I joined P2P in November 2018 and had the opportunity to work very closely with its founder and president, Dr. Enawgaw Mehari. The organization’s mission, “being there for others,” deeply resonated with me and inspired me to become more involved. 

Nebiyu “Neba” Hailemariam (right) with some of the P2P team.

In December 2018, I decided to fly to Ethiopia so that I could work more closely with the members of P2P in Addis Ababa. Among other projects, I assisted with the preparation for the organization’s annual conference, which allowed me to connect with  incredible individuals from various  backgrounds, including Dr. Getahun Mekuria, the former Minister of Innovation and Technology. Additionally, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with numerous children, who have benefited from the efforts of P2P, including some who are HIV positive as well as students from the P2P founded boarding school in Amanuel, Gojjam. I witnessed the positive impact this organization has on people’s lives. The experience was an important reminder that those with the means to assist others that are less fortunate have the responsibility to do so. 

Meeting with children supported by P2P in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

While I was in Ethiopia, I decided to expand my network and conduct market research within the IT industry as I was exploring possible business ventures. P2P helped open doors and provided the connections I needed to gather information and evaluate my options. In May 2019, I permanently moved back home to Ethiopia to start my company, SANE Digital. SANE is a licensed digital firm that serves the IT industry in Addis Ababa. A year and a half ago, the idea of moving to back Addis and starting a company seemed very far-fetched. However, thanks to P2P and Jegna, I now have a chance to help others and live my dream.

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Nebiyu Hailemariam

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